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Helping you tell better stories;

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Why I started this blog –

I'm a geek for screenwriting. I'll read virtually anything anyone has to say about it. And normally the really thought-provoking stuff I'll email to a friend... or save in the cavernous vaults of my hard drive never to see again. I'm pretty sure I've already forgotten 97% of what I've ever read about writing.

But I don't read writers talking about their craft to memorise their process. I read them to shake up my own thinking when I'm stuck with a knotty problem. I read them to inspire me to try a new approach, because every project is different to write, and because every time I start thinking I've figured out how to write I immediately find myself challenged with a problem that only new thinking will fix.

So here you'll find various tips and techniques that I'm trying out or have in the past. Because if you're anything like me you just want to look at the problem you're stuck on from a different angle, a different dimension, or try out a new methodology for a while, and see if it fits your writing habit.

To my knowledge there's no one out there doing this kind of mad-scientist Heston Blumenthal style thinking about dramatic writing, but this is exactly what I do so maybe others can benefit from it. This is first-hand, goggles on, chemical analysis of dramatic writing method and theory. Trying stuff out and seeing what works. I'm seriously trying to not blow myself up in the process.

If you're stuck on something and you'd like this blog to address any specific issue with writing then don't hesitate to ask. Very likely someone else out there is hunched over their own lab-bench struggling with the exact same thing - or will be in a few hundred years time.

If you are from the future (and let's face it - these days who isn't?) you are of course also very welcome to drop by and join in the centuries old flame wars in the comments.

Robin TJ Kershaw, November 2011