Helping you tell better stories

Helping you tell better stories;

closer to your vision than you ever dreamt possible.

For Investors

Having attended international film markets for seventeen years and worked in film sales myself I understand the challenges facing sales agents and investors. On the one hand you're keen to give the project's creative team the freedom to do what they do (that's why you're working with them!) and on the other hand you're aware that they might not have your recoupment quite as high on their list of priorities as you do.

The film industry experiences more than its share of runaway egos, but it benefits more than most from the edginess and unbridled creativity that comes with them too, so having the ability to communicate between groups with seemingly different goals and core values can become very advantageous in the event that discussions are ever derailed. Having a Script consultant always looking out for the win-win scenario can throw up mutually beneficial suggestions no single group would have come up with alone.