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The Creativity Post

Yeah yeah I know I haven't written a new article this week. I'm nailing down the first draft of a new Gothic Horror spec script, which has been waaaay harder to finish than I thought it'd be. My outline for the third act was much too loose and I thought I'd be able to make it up on the spot as I have pretty successfully many times before. I wasn't. I had to rethink the entire thing.

Lab bench in meltdown. Eyebrows truly singed. Expect a post about that soon.


In the meantime this new creativity website has appeared, fully-formed as if from nowhere – like Minerva from the mind of Jupiter – and so far its journalistic quality is outstanding.

The Creativity Post -- Quality content on creativity, innovation and imagination

Here's a paste from their About page:
The Creativity Post is a non-profit web platform committed to sharing the very best content on creativity, in all of its forms: from scientific discovery to philosophical debate, from entrepreneurial ventures to educational reform, from artistic expression to technological innovation – in short, to all the varieties of the human experience that creativity brings to life.