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List of Marketing Posts 2010 to 2014

This picture is ironic. Keep reading.

I've several new posts coming up in the new year (maybe sooner) which specifically discuss the field of Pre-Greenlight Marketing (PGM) so I thought I'd round-up all my marketing related posts to date.

Bear With Me

  Who is your customer? Who is it really?

Seth Godin on why marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department

  The most important marketing seminar you will ever see.


  Consistency of message, whatever the medium.

Similar but Different

  Arguably the most important concept in script development.

Is Your Film "Remarketable”?

  Advertising is no longer reliable. Why are people going to talk about your film?

Legwork 10 Step Checklist

  My company's proprietary checklist before we'll greenlight.

There is no more room in the middle

  In a saturated market you have to be at the edges to stand out.

Legwork Films

  Introduction to my PGM consulting company.

Film Policy Review… thoughts

  Why a 58% customer expectation of "being entertained" isn't good enough.

Enjoy, and I'll be back to talk about PGM soon.